Hair Removal Strip (3 pack)
Hair Removal Strip (3 pack)
Stack Strips

Hair Removal Strip (3 pack)

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Stack Strips are HAIR REMOVAL STRIPS to be used during a cardiac arrest event. Prior to applying the electrode pads of an AED or monitor, you must first remove some of the chest hair. Stack Strips are FAST, SAFE, EFFECTIVE and INEXPENSIVE!

Where seconds count.... there's STACK STRIPS!

Hospital, government entity, EMS or Fire Department use code MEDICAL2024 for our medical pricing of $13 per Stack Strip. (Proof of association required upon purchase). Must use your official work email to qualify at checkout. MINIMUM purchase of 25 units to qualify for the discounted rate.

One unit contains 3 strips an alcohol wipe in an easy to open package.

*Recommended replacement every two years*